Welcome to Fiji


The Golden Age of Fiji:
An island coming into its own

The Fijian Isles are something of a rarity in the modern world. They remain a largely undiscovered gem to the world at large, an emerging market, a true "frontier destination." Until recently, this exotic collection of islands has been somewhat off the radar as a premier real estate destination. But that's all about to change as Fiji is truly entering a Golden Era.


The Fijian Spirit:
The soul of the island

At Nanuku, our vision is to immerse families in an authentic island lifestyle that both reflects and honors the cultural treasures of this unique island and its extraordinary people. The Fijians-their heart, their spirit, their joy-are essential to the living experience here. Their infectious smiles and welcoming hearts are even more soothing and inspiring than the soft whisper of trade winds along the shoreline.

A Place of Culture

Living Experience


Nanuku Ocean Estates:
Luxury in harmony with nature

Nanuku offers a truly rare Fijian living experience: expansive, freehold homesites on one of Fiji's most desirable beaches. Thematically and architecturally, Nanuku Ocean Estates has been inspired by the gorgeous, unspoiled setting that defines this tropical paradise. These exclusive homesites showcase the natural beauty that defines the Fijian islands, by emphasizing an elegant oceanfront experience that is authentic and welcoming.


Life in Pacific Harbour:
Adventure in every direction

At 10,400 square kilometers, the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, is a pathway to limitless adventure. Pacific Harbour in particular, which is located on the Coral Coast—less than an hour from the capital city of Suva—is known to locals and enthusiasts as Fiji's Adventure Capital.