Phase 3 Villas Released at Pre-Construction Pricing

October 8th, 2018

This week, Nanuku released Phase 3 of its popular Nanuku Beach Villas for buyers interested in placing reservations. The twelve, freehold, beachfront villas are available in 1, 2, and 3-bedroom configurations, starting at $495,000 USD (approximately $1.05MM FJD) thanks to a pre-construction discount offered for a limited time. Buyers who commit now will also benefit from all furniture and fixtures being included.

Four villas are on the beach offering the ultimate on-water experience. And, for the first time, Nanuku Real Estate is offering second-row, one-bedroom villas with ocean views.

The low-maintenance villas are designed by Perth-based Grounds Kent Architects to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living: with open floor plans, lushly landscaped courtyards that function like outdoor living rooms, and refreshing plunge pools.

Pete Rowland, Nanuku Fiji’s VP of Real Estate, explained the reason for the earlier-than-expected release, “We are close to writing final contracts for the last villas in Phase 2. It only makes sense to proceed with Phase 3, especially because we have interested buyers who waited and missed out on a particular floor plan in Phase 2 and have asked when the next set will come online.”

Rowland continued, “We’ve listened to requests for more 1-bedroom units and are offering nine in this parcel. Additionally, floor plans allow for lock-offs, giving owners the option to combine 1-bedroom units or separate multiple bedroom units for personal and rental use if they desire. Many of our buyers want to be able to use the villa(s) themselves but also put their property into Nanuku Resort’s rental program for investment return. We’re making it even easier to do that with these new configurations.”

The new villas will be located next door to the successful Phase 1 and 2 parcels, and thus enjoy the same convenient walkable access to the luxury resort and its many impressive amenities including dining, spa, and water sports.

Rowland reports that buyers have been impressed by the value and quality of the architecture and amenities, “They are getting a lot more for their money here,” he said, “We are one of the few luxury resort properties on Fiji’s main island offering beachfront freehold real estate. That’s rare in Fiji as the locals know. If you are looking for a home on the main island, we’re able to provide a high-end product that is easily accessible that you can drive to and don’t need to fly or take a boat to get there once you arrive in Fiji.”

Indeed, Nanuku’s location on the Coral Coast, minutes from Pacific Harbour (Fiji’s ordained “Adventure Capital”), is less than one hour’s drive from Suva and just over two hours from Nadi. Nanuku also has a private airstrip if you prefer to travel that way in even less time (and take in the views).

If Nanuku property owners do want a remote getaway, there’s a private island 30 minutes off-shore at their disposal, exclusively for Nanuku owners and guests. Nanuku Resort can provide you the jet skis to get there, or ferry you via their boat, the “Nanuku 1”.

Nanuku Resort Fiji, the primary amenity, has enjoyed a #1 rating on TripAdvisor and annual Certificate of Excellence recognition. It won the coveted Andrew Harper Grand Award thanks in part to the tremendous focus on service instilled by managing partner  and the family-oriented spirit of the wonderful Fijian people who ensure every owner and guest, of every age, is pampered and entertained.

To learn more about these Nanuku Beach Villas (including price sheet and virtual tours), check out the Villas section on this website. Even more specifics are available by emailing or using the Contact button.

The pre-construction pricing is only offered for a limited time. All renderings are conceptual and subject to change.