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The Golden Age of Fiji is Now

Every so often you come across a place that touches you deep within. A setting imbued with such raw, untouched splendor it enlivens your senses and spirit.

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Travelers from across the globe have journeyed to these islands for decades, drawn to the rapturous natural beauty, relaxed pace, and myriad activities and exotic adventures.Today, Fiji has entered a Golden Age, bolstered by a healthy and growing economy, gracious islanders who welcome you into their rich cultural heritage, and the promise of a living experience that is causing families and investors alike to realize: now’s the time in Fiji. Not simply to visit—but to own a home, here on one of the most soul-inspiring islands in all the Pacific.

Fiji is one of the fastest growing tropical resort destinations in the world. And Nanuku, perfectly positioned away from the fray, is its most treasured secret. Welcome to Fiji. Welcome home to Nanuku.

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The beauty of Fiji is soul deep, and Fijians are the living heart of Nanuku. It starts with “Bula”, the traditional Fijian greeting, but goes much deeper. The warmth of the people of Fiji turns arrivals into homecomings, conversations into cultural insights, and daily interactions into friendships that can last a lifetime. Fijians are singers and explorers, caregivers and storytellers. But most of all, they’re family — ours and yours. Bula is all-embracing.

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Fiji’s hundreds of islands are an aquatic constellation scattered in a bright blue sea. At Nanuku Resort, you are home on Viti Levu, the main island and the most accessible. You’re on the Coral Coast in Pacific Harbour, Fiji’s adventure capital. Best of all, you flew non-stop from major cities in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the west coast of North America. Once you reach Nadi or Suva airports here, we can arrange a flight to Nanuku’s private airstrip — or the scenic drive along Queen’s Highway — to our oceanfront address.

Adventure Capital

If you were to scour the ends of the earth in search of the ultimate destination for outdoor fun, the Fijian Islands would certainly top the list. Recreational activities and natural attractions abound. Nanuku beckons you into the best of nature’s playground.

Our residential-resort community is less than five minutes from Pacific Harbour, Fiji’s Adventure  Capital. It’s a veritable haven for eco-travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone seeking a tropical adventure paradise.

Partake in some of the world’s best snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing — along with waterfall hikes, whitewater rafting, rainforest ziplines, shark feedings, and deep water fishing. For a more relaxing afternoon, there are plenty of inviting coves and tucked-away island nooks that inspire contemplation as well as exploration. Sail, kayak, or paddleboard over waters so clear you can see through to the ocean floor.

There’s golf to test your mettle and Fiji’s first dedicated national park. If edutainment is more your game, our resort can arrange a cultural outing complete with medicine man, village tour, or food safari.

Nanuku’s location is also convenient to Fiji’s capital, Suva, if you crave some urban adventure. And of course, there’s also our own private island if you’d like to be a castaway for a day (or overnight).