The Appeal of Living in Fiji

December 27th, 2016

The gorgeous images of Fiji in holiday destination brochures draw travelers from around the globe. When creating a “living in Fiji pros and cons list,” you will find that the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Sparkling turquoise waters, white sand, palm-lined beaches, lush green peaks, and spectacular underwater reefs are the dream of every tourist. And in Fiji, there is even more to enjoy.

You may be dreaming of (or even planning) a visit but have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live in Fiji?

This country has so much appeal for visitors that many of them never want to leave.

So they stay and make Fiji their home.

The appeal of living in Fiji year-round goes well beyond waking up to paradise every morning. Simply put, it’s the perfect place to live, whether you retire here or just relocate to enjoy a gentler lifestyle.

If you have not yet considered living in Fiji, these facts may surprise you:

  • Fiji is affordable. The cost of living in Fiji is 25.53% lower than in Canada and 60% lower than in Australia (All figures Dec. 2016)
  • The USD is worth twice the value of the Fiji dollar making the cost of living in Fiji almost 50% lower than in the USA.
  • Almost everyone in Fiji speaks English because it is the official language.  The Fijian language, however, is preserved and widely spoken in many different dialects.
  • The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming: “Bula!” is the typical Fijian greeting and goes beyond the simple “hello” to incorporate the feeling of spirit. It means life and it may well be the first Fijian word you learn.
  • The climate is pleasant with maximum temperatures rarely moving beyond 26-31 degrees Celsius (78 – 87 F). December is the rainy season with intermittent downpours that ensure Fiji stays lush and green.
  • Fiji is free from malaria, yellow fever and major tropical diseases that are endemic to most tropical countries.
  • There is so much to do you will never, ever be bored! Golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, world-class surfing, hiking, zip-lining, sea-fishing, shopping for handicrafts, dining, island hopping, exploring the jungle and beautiful waterfalls.
  • Fiji is famous for its seafood including prawn, lobster, and fresh tuna. Fijians also serve delicious curried dishes and a wide assortment of local fruits and vegetables. Whether you cook it yourself or dine out at one of the many local restaurants, you are in for a treat.

This blog excerpt by Carol Cain (Girl Gone Travel), describes a little bit of her travel experience in Fiji:

“I felt I could breathe here and absolutely loved both the local and expat community. I especially enjoyed my stay experience at the luxurious Nanuku Auberge Resort. This resort exceeded any expectations I had for an all-inclusive. The food was incredible – some of the best I had during my whole stay traveling through Fiji – and the villas were to die for. It’s a full-service resort with everything from salon to fitness center and even offers a cultural center where events and activities are held to introduce visiting guests to local cultural knowledge.”

When you visit Fiji, prepare to fall in love. With a little planning, you can make your stay become a lifetime relationship.

Your Fijian island dream home awaits.