Why I Chose to Live in Fiji

May 23rd, 2017

If you are lucky enough to have spent time in Fiji, you’ve interacted with people consistently labeled the “friendliest” and “happiest” on earth. The internet is full of bloggers who presumed that must be tourism hype… until they came and experienced it for themselves! Expats who have moved here, and of course Fijians themselves, are all well aware of this welcoming and inclusive spirit, and how infectious it can be. After all, who can’t use more “happy” in their lives?

The same is true for Wrenn Edwards, our real estate sales and marketing coordinator. Wrenn has lived in Australia, Europe, and the USA, but it was the welcoming, treat-you-like-family culture that exists in Fiji which compelled her to make it her home.

She talks about that, and about living in Pacific Harbour (Fiji’s adventure capital and home to Nanuku Resort Fiji and the new Nanuku Beach Villas) with true admiration and appreciation in our latest video.