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Three Thrilling Family Adventures in Fiji

April 11th, 2017

When you think of Fiji, your imagination likely goes directly to the beach where the pure sand and azure sea stretch as far as the eyes can see. You can picture your family playing in the surf and sculpting that sand into fanciful creations.

There’s a lot to be said for relaxing in the sun and enjoying an ice-cold coconut beverage, but there are also some very exciting adventures to be had in Fiji, adventures you and your children will enjoy and remember.

Fiji is perfect for families. Children are cherished here — and included in almost everything.

Family-friendly activities abound: fishing, ziplining, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, spearfishing, hiking, exploring wildlife, caves, jungles, and villages – it’s a kid’s paradise and we warn you now, they won’t want to leave. (Fiji’s not a “sit and stare at the iPad” kind of holiday place.)

Some activities have an true edge on the thrill component and, with some difficulty, we’ve picked just three of these to tell you about.


fiji zip lining

Ziplining is an exciting way to soar over the jungle canopy. At Zip Fiji, which is close to Pacific Harbor, children as young as five can take a ride on the zipline – the youngest ones ride with guides.

Here’s what will happen. Equipped with a safety harness, thick gloves, and head protection each of you will climb stairs to a platform where a guide will double-check your equipment before leading you to the edge.

Lines of sturdy cable stretch from where you stand, across the treetops to another platform in the distance where another guide waits to catch you.

The cables are strong, the guide is in complete control, and your equipment is safe. Now all you have to do is step off the platform. That might be the hard part, but do it, you’ll be glad.

You’ll zip along that cable like a superhero, coming safely to a stop in the arms of the guide on the next platform.

You are in the air for nearly 2 km before landing on the ground back at the Bure (structure) which marks the end of your adventure.

Try not to squeeze your eyes shut; there’s such beauty to see when you’re that high up with an unobstructed view of Fiji’s lush tropical rainforest. Definitely an adventure to relive over dinner in the evening!

White Water Rafting on the Upper Navua Gorge

fiji rafting

On this thrilling adventure, you’ll raft the unrivaled Upper Navua Gorge and take in the primal vistas of emerald rainforests, soaring volcanic walls, and gushing waterfalls.

White water rafters float down a narrow gorge in an inflatable boat, bobbing and spinning in the deafening roar of foaming river water.

Equipped with a helmet and lifejacket, and armed with an oar, you and your fellow rafters must try to stay afloat — and in the boat — as it rushes along the river.

You’ll fly over the rapids and spiral around twists and bends that the ever-moving water has carved out of the rock for centuries. You will be wet, and you might even fall out of the raft, but don’t worry. Your river guides will haul you back in to continue the thrilling ride to the bottom.

Happily, there are also areas on the river where you can gently float along and take in the beauty of the rainforest.

Children must be 8 years and older to raft on the Upper Navua River.

Snorkel the Sea!

sea floor fiji

Children love mermaids! And Nemo and Dory. What child isn’t intrigued by the mesmerizing movement inside an aquarium? At any beach, kids will spend hours exploring tidal pools examining the crabs, fish, and other creatures that live in the shallow water.

So imagine how exciting it will be for them to snorkel in the Pacific Ocean! To look down into the clear water and see coral, clown fish, manta rays, and brightly coloured sea anemones. To experience a natural environment teeming with vibrant ocean life.

You will love it too. Floating above the ocean floor is a bit like being a bird flying over the earth.

Children who can swim will enjoy snorkeling in calmer deeper waters with the help of a life jacket and hand-held raft to keep them afloat as they peer down into the ocean.

family snorkel nanuku fiji pool

A great place to snorkel is the Reef of Combi, just a 10 minute jetski ride or a 15 minute boat ride, from family-friendly Nanuku Fiji Resort. The more experienced and adventurous swimmers can get towed there behind a jetski or boat while holding onto Subwings, or use the DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) on arrival at the reef. 

The Reef of Combi is a channel to the Beqa Lagoon, one of the world’s most beautiful reefs. The Beqa Lagoon is surrounded by over 190 miles of spectacular coral.

Underwater visibility is excellent at the Reef of Combi – over 30 meters (98 ft.).  And at a balmy 80 degrees, it is perfect for snorkeling with children.

There’s a lot to experience in Fiji, with a variety of adventures for every age and risk tolerance level. Whatever moves your spirit, we are ready to welcome you to Nanuku Fiji and to help you find your thrill.