Nanuku Fiji: An island living experience as magical as it is authentic

September 12th, 2015

Imagine a sophisticated, boutique hotelier like Auberge Resorts — known the world over for creating truly authentic experiences —- selecting a pristine, island setting as the backdrop for a living experience that is altogether new, inviting, and endlessly rewarding. This is the lifestyle that awaits you at Nanuku Fiji, a luxury resort community that will immerse you in the wonder and beauty of the Fijian Islands.

Experience the Golden Age of Fiji at Nanuku Resort and Nanuku Ocean Estates

Grand island setting, friendly people

There’s something about this island that is wildly captivating. You can sense it in the gentle caress of the southeasterly trade winds. Or in the soft, beguiling motion of the night sea. Or along the sweeping mountainside that stands as a distant sentry, watching over islanders day after day. Whatever it is, this place is enchanting.

Fiji is a masterpiece of subtlety and contrast—chiseled, sculpted, and refined over time by Nature’s handiwork. In terms of natural beauty, few places on Earth can compare. And the feeling it imparts is magical. The local Fijians have a word for it, Bula, which literally means “life.” That’s fitting, because above all else, Fiji is teeming with life. You can see it in the eyes of the people, who are joyful, warm, and magnificently alive. Their glowing faces, kind demeanor, and inclination to serve are an underlying component of the gracious lifestyle at Nanuku. They not only reflect the grand, authentic possibilities here, they are very much the reason Nanuku presents an abundantly satisfying island living experience that is one of a kind.

It would be difficult to find an island more beautiful or more inviting than Fiji

Auberge: a new interpretation of Fijian life

No two resorts in the Auberge Resorts Collection are alike. Each is wholly unique, designed to connect travelers with deeply rewarding experiences all across the globe. Choosing properties that are intimate in scale and located in spectacular natural settings, Auberge is renowned for creating highly personal and satisfying sojourns that present guests with an authentic sense of place that resonates with each treasured locale. Nanuku Fiji perfectly captures this ideal—whether it’s a local artist demonstrating how to weave a basket or grass skirt…or a thoughtful attendee drawing your sheets for when you return from your evening dinner…or even having the team of servers and caretakers say a morning prayer as you arise to greet the day. This is life at Nanuku. A living experience that serves as a thoughtful extension of Fijian life, culture and history—all combined with genuine service, personal attention to detail, and one-of-a-kind amenities.

The Golden Age of Fiji—and Nanuku

Over the past decade, Fiji has become one of the most sought after fly-in travel destinations in the world. Visitors come from all over to bask in the tropical charm of an island truly coming into its own. Fiji has everything: scenic beauty, gorgeous beaches, lush vegetation, rolling countryside, majestic mountain peaks, and adventure in every direction. And Nanuku is poised to bring you a living experience that unveils all of these treasures and more. Like the natural rhythms of the island, Auberge bestows an authentic and subtle array of amenities that is an extension of Fijian grace and hospitality. World-class chefs like Jacques Reymond have taken the distinctive culinary traditions of the island to create exquisitely prepared dishes. The Lomana Spa and Wellness Center treats visitors to a rewarding journey of holistic rejuvenation in a tranquil, meditative setting. And that’s just the beginning. A team of attendants and hospitality experts will make sure each day is rich and rewarding from the moment you awake.

A visit could turn into a lifetime

“Once we saw it, we knew this is was the place for us.” That’s what so many have already said upon visiting Nanuku. This is the site of Nanuku Ocean Estates, a collection of homesites facing the awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean, whose rhythmic waves lap up to a private beach. This is the backdrop for a truly authentic island lifestyle—an unprecedented combination of natural attractions, refined luxury, and endless recreation. For those fortunate enough to own property here, it’s the gateway to an active, abundant lifestyle for your family—creating memorable experiences you can enjoy now and for generations to come. Come be our guest, and discover the magic of Nanuku.