Celebrate Fiji's Finest Dining at Nanuku

March 29th, 2017

One of the best ways to round out a perfect day in paradise is with an amazing meal. It should satisfy all the senses with inspired presentation, intoxicating aromas, rich and varied textures, and amazing flavours that make you almost giddy with anticipation of the next bite (and the next, and the next)!

At Nanuku Resort Fiji, our particular style of Pacific Rim cuisine delivers on every point, and has garnered rave reviews from well-travelled “foodie” guests, food writers and travel bloggers, and international critics like Andrew Harper.

In our latest video, Director of Food and Beverage Logan Miller talks about what makes the casual and fine dining (and even in-villa dining) at Nanuku stand out — including the freshness of our ingredients and the ability to cater to each and every guests’ preferences and dietary needs — for a truly bespoke experience that gives new meaning to the phrase “comfort food”.